"We can only improve what we measure!"


Octoplus’ methodological approaches are based on the development and use of digital tools that ensure the capitalization of results and the easy deployment of actions.

The digital tools developed by Octoplus are at the service of improving your competitiveness.

Global data analysis

via the Octoplus CostViewer® Dashboard suite (Purchase – Production – Sales data – CO2)

Direct and indirect cost analysis solutions

(Octoplus CostViewer® Analysis and Cost Modelling Template) and CO2 monitoring, agile tools for your economic decisions.

Purchasing performance operations

 Price offre management

 Profitability study

Make or Buy

Design to Cost

Cost Modelling – Target Costing

Lean Management

CO2 calculation and monitoring tools

Octoplus has developed the digital function to measure the improvement for supply chain level Scope 3 (emissions reduction across entire supply chain) in order to minimize the environmental impact of manufactured products) and involving a collaboration portal with suppliers.

The digital strength of Octoplus, an internal development team expert in Modelling issues capable of responding to your needs in a personalized way.

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