Our commitment : no result = no cost for the customer


OCTOPLUS is providing its customers with 12 years experience in safety part purchasing activities and international purchase management.

Quality and service being non negotiable, we have build our confidence on a robust panel of suppliers that have given evidence for a long time of their performance in small / meduim or high series.

As our added value is coming from our customer satisfaction, we offer a commitment on the result of the sourcing activities.

With a solid network of suppliers with global locations, OCTOPLUS help its customers to source or re-source products in the following areas:

By the analytical approach supported by the utilization of the process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer®, OCTOPLUS achieve the right price, and optimize the total cost of your products.

Beyond the submission of a price, OCTOPLUS helps understand the cost structure of your purchased products.

OCTOPLUS is using its own Cost Breakdown (available for download hereunder).

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