Cost analysis


The cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® allows to translate manufacturing process data into a cost of production.

This knowledge enhances the ability of the user to negotiate with facts and to identify some axis for continuous improvement of production costs.

The software handles multiple currencies, and works in metric as well as impérial unit system. The translation between unit systems is automatic.

From process observation to cost analysis

As examples, the cost analysis software allows to analyze:
  • What is the cost effect if I work 3 shifts instead of 2 ?
  • What is the cost effect if my production need increases by 20%?
  • What is the effect on cost if I change the country of production?
  • Which cost benefit fo I have by changing the process layout?
  • Which benefit can I anticipate by making a SMED workshop?
  • What is the benefit of an efficiency (OEE) workshop?
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